Dataset Contents

The Challenge 1 dataset was updated 11/26/2018. See notes below.

Original Dataset 1

The Original Dataset 1 consists of two parts

  1. Original_Dataset_Offline_Edition_1
  2. Original_Dataset_Real-Time_Edition_1

These two parts are the same except for the base case operating point. This point is represented by 5 variables (bus voltage magnitude in pu, bus voltage angle in degrees, generator real power output, generator reactive power output, and initial switched shunt susceptance) described in Appendix D.4 of the Formulation. These variables are mapped to the raw file in C.3 (Bus Data; A2.2), C.6 (Generator Data; A2.5), and C.9 (Switched Shunt Data, A2.8)  This point can be used as a start point for various algorithms. In general we make no assertion of feasibility or optimality for this point. We make no assertion of feasibility for the Offline version but the Real-Time version should be feasible but not optimal.

The Real-Time version has a runtime limit of 10 minutes and is used for Divisions 1 and 3 scoring. 

The Offline version has a runtime limit of 45 minutes and is used for Divisions 2 and 4 scoring.

Each of the two datasets consists of 5 separate network models with 10 scenario instances each. Associated with each scenario instance are four case files (case.con, case.inl, case.raw, case.rop). Two of the case files change with each scenario instance (case.con and case.raw; also case.inl for Network_10-10). These are kept in the scenario_n folders (n is 1 to 10). Case files that do not change (case.inl, except for Network_10-10, and case.rop) are kept in the network folder. The file inputfiles.ini in the network folder summarizes where each type of case file is to be found.

The use of the term scenario is not to be interpreted as involving time coupling or stochastic variation. These scenarios are separate instances and not time coupled—they are completely independent and need to be solved individually. There is only one case.raw for each scenario instance--no separate base case.

The size of the zip file is 15.020 MiB. was updated 12/07/2018 with the following changes:

  • Files for Network_10-10 were updated and restored. was updated 11/26/2018 with the following changes:

  • Missing data elements not used by Challenge 1 but are part of the standard raw data format were added.
  • Separate contingency files were created for each raw file.
  • Files for Network_10-10 were removed pending further updates. was updated 11/4/2018 with the following changes:

  •  The case.con files in Network_10-10 werere replaced for all scenarios except scenario_5. The case.con files are the same in both Real-Time and Offline editions of the dataset. 

As explained in Appendix A.1 of the Formulation, the industry standard data formats include some data elements that are not used by the Challenge 1 problem and some of these data elements are were not present in Original_Dataset_1 prior to 11/26/2018. As of 11/26/2018 missing data elements have been added to conform to industry standards. The dataset is useable and correct if these data elements are ignored, but anyone interpreting the data downloaded prior to 11/26/2108 using industry standard parsers may encounter problems.