How-to Create Team

IMPORTANT:  By creating a team on the GO Competition Website, you are not registered for any challenge competition. Please visit How to Register for complete details and instructions.

Once you and your team mates have successfully registered and a team GitHub account has been created, the Team Leader needs to click on the Create Team button located on their My account page. Once a Team Leader has created a team, this button will disappear for all team members and be replaced by a link to your team page.

You can download step-by-step instructions (with pictures) for creating a team. On the Create Team page, fill in the blanks by entering the following information:

  • Team Name (which must be unique to the GO Competition and requires GO Competition Administrator approval).
  • GitHub username (must match identically to the GitHub username; SSH Key generation is case sensitive, unlike the GitHub login screen).
  • Team Members (click on white space inside member box and type the name to narrow the list). Please make sure your name is also selected.
  • Are you seeking prize money? (check Yes or No).
  • (optional) a checkmark if you don't want to see your Team Name appear on any of the Leaderboards.
  • Check the My team is funded by the ARPA-E Challenge 1 FOA (Proposal Track Team) box, if appropriate.
  • List any software (including solver libraries) you expect the GO Competition to provide during a challenge.

Click the Save button at the bottom and you should see the My Team page with a list of team members. The person who initially creates the team is the Team Leader and the only one who edit the team information by selecting the Edit option at the top of the page. 

As the Team Leader, your account page will have more information about forms you need to print, sign, scan and upload for ARPA-E approval. There are forms for each individual team member and the team leader. All the forms must be returned as a single PDF file. Please visit How to Register for complete details and instructions.