How-to Create Team

Once you have successfully registered and created a GitHub account, click on the Create Team button located on your My account page. Once you have created a team, this button will disappear but links to your team(s) will be available on your My account page. Fill in the blanks by entering:

  • a Team Name (which must be unique to the GO Competition and approved).
  • the GitHub username (this must be unique to the GO Competition; teams can't share a GitHub username).
  • (optional) the Competition ID which ARPA-E will provide to you (if you don't have one, the GO Operations Team will fill it in later).
  • the competition phase in which this team will participate.
  • (skip until after the team is created) Team Members.
  • (optional) a checkmark if you don't want to see your Team Name appear on any of the Leaderboards.

Click the Save button and you should see the My Team page with only yourself as the team member. The person to initially create the team is the team leader and the only one who can add team members from the list of registered users. Now you can go back to the team page and add members from the list of registered users by selecting the Edit option at the top of the page.  Please hold down the <ctrl> key when selecting other Team Members.  Please make sure your name is also selected.