Code2 Open Source Solution

In order to focus on the priority for this competition: innovative new approaches to a fast security constrained optimized power flow problem (code 1); we will provide teams with an open-source version of code 2 as a starting point that can speed the development of this other half of the competition. Teams are still responsible for their own individual code 2 formulation and submission, but are free to download, modify, and or directly use this code in any form that best suits their needs. We make no guarantees that this open-source code 2 program will automatically satisfy the new time requirements for code 2 (this is also dependent on the quality of the solution provided by your code 1). We will provide updates to this open-source code 2 throughout the competition and maintain a detailed version history, teams are free to adapt these updates to their needs as well.

There will be an official open-source release on github; ARPA-E will make an announcement when this is available. However, Trial 1 teams can request to receive a copy of code 2. To inquire for an early release to your team, please email GO Competition Administrator.