Challenge 1

The Challenge 1 SCOPF problem utilizes four unique datasets. Each dataset will consist of a collection of power system network models of different sizes with associated operating scenarios (snapshots in time defining instantaneous power demand, renewable generation, generator and line availability, etc.). It is expected that some datasets will be open source and include models generated by the ARPA-E GRID DATA programThere will likely be some datasets that are not from the ARPA-E GRID DATA program; these datasets will likely be proprietary actual industry cases that will not be released. These will likely contain equipment and available controls not typically found in existing open source power system benchmark datasets, including, for example, transformer voltage taps and discrete capacitor banks. The Original Dataset (OD) will be released at the start of Challenge 1 in order to allow entrants to start developing solution methods. Entrants will be able to download the dataset in order to test algorithms within their own development environment. Entrants can also submit software to be scored against the OD dataset using the official competition platform at any time. Aggregate scores (as well as individual scores for objective function value for each individual power system network/scenario within OD) will be generated after each algorithm submission and will be displayed on a competition leaderboard, accessible via the competition website. Entrants may choose to remain anonymous on the leaderboards or may have their team name associated with their scores.

The sandbox can be used for quick turn-around algorithm testing of input and output of small datasets. It will also be used for the Challenge 1 Original Datasets. The Competition datasets will not be available before the formal start of the competition.