Challenge 2 Sandbox is now closed!  Trial 1 results are now available. The Sandbox will be open soon.

Familiarize yourself with the Problem Formulation (new November 24), Input Files and FormatsOutput Files and FormatRulesScoring, and the Timeline (summarized below). 

The full set of 12 network models and 38 cases can be downloaded. Version 6, which fixes some cost function and transformer tap issues, was posted Nov. 22, 2020.

See References/Time Limits for new information about time limits.


Announcing Challenge 2

Challenge 2

Challenge 2 is expanding upon the SCOPF problem posed in Challenge 1 by adding adjustable transformer tap ratios, phase shifting transformers, switchable shunts, transmission line switching, price-responsive demand, ramp rate constrained generators and loads, and fast-start unit commitment.

Timeline:  The Challenge 2 competition timeline updated November 2, 2020, is illustrated below and in the Timeline document. 

Challenge 2 Timeline



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