ATTENTION:  Trial Event 1 has closed.  Sandbox and Challenge 1 submissions are closed during the Trial Event 1 evaluation period. E-mail will be sent to all GO website registered users once the GO Competition Platform has reopened.

The GO Competition is a series of challenges to develop software management solutions for a resilient and secure American electricity grid. See Press Release.

Entrants will develop transformational ways to solve power flow optimization problems across a wide range of operating conditions. This is the central challenge underlying all grid planning and operations tools.

The goal: Increase power grid flexibility, reliability, safety, security, and efficiency, while lowering the costs of integrating renewable generation technologies into the grid system.


GO Competition Challenge 1 Timeline
GO Competition Challenge 1 Timeline


The sandbox is a testing environment that allows Entrants to try the submission, evaluation, and scoring process using small datasets. ARPA-E approval of Team required.


Challenge 1 will solve a security-constrained (AC) optimal power flow (SCOPF) problem. Algorithms will be tested on complex, realistic power system models, and Entrants will be scored on how well their algorithms perform relative to other Entrants’ algorithms.


Future competitions, beginning with Challenge 2, are expected to build on the models used in Challenge 1 and may include complicating factors such as solving larger network models, optimizing power flows over both transmission and distribution systems, and stochastic optimization.


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