Challenge 3

GO Competition Registrations are now CLOSED. Previously registered individuals may still access the Sandbox until 6/28/2024.

Sandbox submissions for the Grid Optimization Competition Challenge 3 are open.

Datasets used in Challenge 3, S0, S1, E1, S2, E2, E2.1, S3.1 (update 8/21/2023), E3.1, and S4 (new 8/3/2023) are available for download on the C3 Dataset page and for use in the Sandbox. See the May 15, 2023 Problem Formulation for an explanation and use the corresponding DataUtilities (commits from 4/25/23 or later).

The Challenge 3 results for E1 are on the Event 1 Leaderboard; the results for E2 are on the Event 2 Leaderboard; the results for E3 are on the Event 3 Leaderboard, and the results for E4 are on the Event 4 Leaderboard.

Participation in the GO Competition Challenge 3 was open to anyone that satisfies the applicable requirements in the Rules Document, not just those awarded under the FOA.

There are currently no plans for a Challenge 4.

Announcing Challenge 2: Monarch of the Mountain




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