Challenge 3

The Grid Optimization Competition Challenge 3 Problem Formulation was released February 16, 2022, when ARPA-E issued a Funding Opportunity Announcement (DE-FOA-0002690), Support Grants For Participation in ARPA-E Grid Optimization (GO) Competition Challenge 3; up to $400k per award. The Full Application Submission Deadline closed April 5, 2022.

Participation in the GO Competition Challenge 3 will be open to anyone that satisfies the applicable requirements in the Rules Document, not just those awarded under the FOA. The Timeline was released March 8, 2022

Challenge 2: Monarch of the Mountain (Ch2-MoM)

Ch2-MoM seeks to find the best solution for the Challenge 2 Final Event synthetic datasets with no constraints on time, hardware, or algorithm. Ch2-MoM submissions (solution uploading) are open until October 31, 2022. Check the Ch2-MoM Leaderboard for the latest results.

The Challege 2 Final Event Benchmark code is available for reference.

Announcing Challenge 2: Monarch of the Mountain




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