Challenge 3

The Grid Optimization Competition Challenge 3 Problem Formulation was updated July 1, 2022; Data Format was added July 13, 2022; initial Datasets were released August 23, 2022.

Participation in the GO Competition Challenge 3 will be open to anyone that satisfies the applicable requirements in the Rules Document, not just those awarded under the FOA. The Timeline was released March 8, 2022, but the delay in announcing the FOA awards has pushed the schedule back. 

Challenge 2: Monarch of the Mountain (Ch2-MoM)

Ch2-MoM sought to find the best solution for the Challenge 2 Final Event synthetic datasets with no constraints on time, hardware, or algorithm. Ch2-MoM is now closed. Check the Ch2-MoM Leaderboard for the final results.

The Challenge 2 Final Event Benchmark code is available for reference.

Announcing Challenge 2: Monarch of the Mountain




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