Challenge 2 Trial 2 submissions are closed.

Submissions are now closed until Trial 2 is completed. Sandbox submissions will reopen after Trial 2 is completed.

Version 7 of the Sandbox  datasets, in preparation for Trial 2 (posted March 5, 2021), are available from the Sandbox Dataset page in the C2_Sandbox section.

Trial 1 results are now availableAll Trial 1 datasets may be run with a Sandbox submission; the synthetic datasets may be downloaded but not the industry ones.

Familiarize yourself with the Problem Formulation (updated April 16, 2021), RulesScoring, and the Timeline (summarized below; updated April 16, 2021). 

See References/Time Limits for information about time limits.

Announcing Challenge 2

Challenge 2

Challenge 2 is expanding upon the SCOPF problem posed in Challenge 1 by adding adjustable transformer tap ratios, phase shifting transformers, switchable shunts, transmission line switching, price-responsive demand, ramp rate constrained generators and loads, and fast-start unit commitment.

Timeline:  The Challenge 2 competition timeline updated April 16, 2021, is illustrated below and in the Timeline document. 

Challenge 2 Timeline



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