ATTENTION:  Trial Event 1 has closed.  Sandbox and Challenge 1 submissions are closed during the Trial Event 1 evaluation period.  The GO Competition Platform will reopen once all Trial Event 1 submissions have been evaluated and scored; estimated date is May 1, 2019 (subject to change).  E-mail will be sent to all GO website registered users once the GO Competition Platform has reopened.

Challenge 1 Input Files and Format

The Challenge 1 Input Files and Format description is in Appendix A of the Problem Formulation.

The Grid Optimization Competition Challenge 1 uses a set of 4 ASCII encoded text files for the input data of each problem instance:

  1. Power Flow Network Configuration Data File (case.raw)
  2. Cost Function Data File  (case.rop)
  3. Participation Factor Data File  (case.inl)
  4. Contingency Description Data File (case.con)

These 4 files are formatted according to some common data file formats used in the power system industry. Only some of the fields in the files are used for Challenge 1. The Input Files and Format document will provide a detailed description of these formats and which of those elements are used by Challenge 1 or otherwise need to be understood by Entrants.