Time Limits

As with Challenge 1, for Challenge 2 there are two timed segments that produce the necessary solution files used for scoring: Code 1, the algorithm that determines the base case solution, and Code 2, the algorithm that determines each contingency case solution at the conclusion of Code 1. The execution of each algorithm is timed separately. All timing is wall clock time.

The Code1 time limit will be specified by each division. Divisions 1 and 3 have short time limits (5 minutes) and Divisions 2 and 4 have longer time limits (60 minutes). Corresponding Challenge 1 times were 10 and 45 minutes.

The Code 2 time limit is specified by a dynamic value based on the dataset/problem dimensions and is independent of the Division. Corresponding Challenge 1 times were the maximum of 2 seconds per contingency and 10 minutes.

For Challenge 2 Trial Event 1, the Code 2 time limit will be the maximum of the following for each dataset scenario:

·         2 seconds per contingency

·         0.0002 seconds per contingency * (number of buses + number of lines)

·         30 minutes

The number of lines includes both nontransformer and transformer branches.

The Code 2 time limit is subject to review and change before the start of Trial 2. The time limit employed in Trial 2 is expected to be used for the Final Event.