Time Limits

With Challenge 1 and 2 there were two timed segments that produced the necessary solution files used for scoring: Code 1, the algorithm that determines the base case solution, and Code 2, the algorithm that determines each contingency case solution at the conclusion of Code 1. The execution of each algorithm was timed separately. Challenge 3 has no Code 2.

Challenge 3 has only one timed section for scoring: Code1.

The Code1 time limit will be specified for each division.

  • Division 1 has a time limit of 600 seconds (10 minutes),
  • Division 2 has a time limit of 7200 seconds (120 minutes or 2 hours), and
  • Division 3 has a time limit of 14400 seconds (240 minutes or 4 hours). 

All timing is wall clock time.