Members of Challenge 2 teams may submit algorithms to the GO Competition Platform’s Sandbox using the datasets described below. If you do not see the blue Submit button, you are not part of a Team.

To participate in the Trial or Final Events, the team leader must also submit Team and Individual Registration documentation from the leader's Account (login) page.

Challenge 1 teams who haven't done so already need to reconstitute themselves for Challenge 2, i.e., the team leader needs to select the new members of the team.


Download (13.1 MB) the Sandbox set of 12 network models and 38 cases. Caution: The zip file from 11/20 padded the end C2S6N11152/scenario_001/case.json with many null bytes for unknown reasons. Do not use it.

This version (C2S6N*, posted Nov. 22, 2020) fixes some cost function and transformer tap issues and an error introduced in C2S5N*. It includes a csv file with details about each of the 38 scenarios (refererences to C2S5 should be C2S6). Fixing the transformer taps changed the number of buses in some network models so the naming is slightly different from the C2S4N* version as are the Zinf  values given in the csv file. Please specify C2S6N* in Sandbox submissions.

Use the submission.conf file described in Languages to specify necessary runtime parameters including software modues, dataset, network model, and scenario number. Copy and paste into the submission text box.

Example submission.conf file using python 3.7 with Intel Math Kernel Library (mkl) and compilers (replace MyRepo with your value):





source /share/apps/intel/2019u4/mkl/bin/ intel64

source /share/apps/intel/2019u4/compilers_and_libraries/linux/bin/ -arch intel64




DO NOT include solution files in your GitHub repository.