Available Solvers

ARPA-E hopes to make a number of common software packages and solvers available by default in the competition platform. Initially, the solver libraries available may include:

  • CPLEX (12.8.0) (from IBM)
  • CVX (2.1) (from CVX Research)
  • GAMS (25.0.3) (from GAMS; note GAMS has its own versions of CPLEX, Knitro, Xpress, etc. that may be different from the versions available directly. This is not true for Gurobi.)
  • Gurobi (8.1) (from GUROBI Optimization)
  • Ipopt (3.12.10) (from COIN|OR)
  • MATLAB (R2018b) (from MathWorks; includes Simulink, Control System Toolbox, Global Optimization Toolbox, Optimization Toolbox, Parallel Computing Toolbox, Signal Processing Toolbox, Simscape, Simscape Power Systems, and Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox)
  • MATPOWER (6.0)
  • MOSEK ( (from MOSEK)
  • Important: The competition platform is intended for algorithm evaluation only. You will need to purchase your own license for any solvers or modeling languages that are needed during the algorithm development process. If you wish to use a different solver or modeling language during execution of your code on the competition platform, please indicate your preferred solver on the Registration form or contact us. We will do our best to accommodate you; however, last-minute requests are unlikely to be satisfied.

PowerWorld: "PowerWorld Simulator runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems version 7/Server 2008R2 and newer (64-bit editions only). No other operating systems are supported." The Competition principal evaluation platform is Linux based, however the GO Operations Team has developed access to a Windows HPC system, running on identical hardware as the Linux system, to permit the use of PowerWorld by Competition Entrants. If you require access to PowerWorld, please contact the GO Operations Team.

Siemens PSS®E: This system also runs only on Windows and is accesable through the same Windows HPC platform as PowerWorld. Currently, the Optimal Power Flow (OPF) module is not available. If you require access to PSS®E, please contact the GO Operations Team.

Notice: The interaction of the solvers and the languages that invoke them is complex and not all versions of a solver may be compatible with a given language or modeling program. Entrants are strongly encouraged to test their algorithims as early as possible and if you should encounter difficulties, please contact the GO Operations Team.