Prizes and Scoring Divisions

Following the Challenge 1 GO Competition Final Event, ARPA-E will determine the top ten winning teams in four separate scoring divisions; scoring divisions are defined based on scoring method and time in which algorithms must return as solution. Please see for more information on scoring for Challenge 1.

Figure 1: Scoring Divisions; prizes are only for Award-Eligible Entrants

Subject to the availability of appropriated funds, the planned award amount is $100,000 for each Eligible Entrant placing in the top ten of each division (see the GO Competition Rules describing eligibility for receiving awards through Challenge 1. The Rules Document for Challenge 1 can be found at Eligible Entrants can receive one award in each division (the total award amount is additive). Awards given to Open Entrants[1] will be prize money. Awards given to Proposal Entrants[2] will be additional grant funding from ARPA-E to further develop their algorithm. 

Figure 2: Awards for Eligible Open Entrants and Proposal Entrants
Figure 2: Awards for Eligible Open Entrants and Proposal Entrants

Prize money will be distributed to the Eligible Open Entrant. The allocation of any prize among and between team members is the responsibility of the Entrant. In general, ARPA-E will not arbitrate, intervene, advise on, or resolve any matters between Entrant team members.


[1] Entrants not funded under APRA-E DE-FOA-0001952

[2] Entrants funded under ARAP-E DE-FOA-0001952