Getting Started

We highly encourage users to get familiar with the competition submission process and platform via the Sandbox, our open testing environment.

  1. Review the Problem Formulation.
  2. Review the Problem Input Files and Format.
  3. Review the Problem Output Files and Format
  4. Review the Evaluation and Scoring procedures. The publicly available Evaluation code has a routine ( that parses the input data and may serve as a model for this task.
  5. Review the Competition Rules.
  6. Register as an entrant and accept the Terms and Conditions.  Respond to the automated e-mail verification message to complete your registration.
  7. Create a GitHub account for your Team.
  8. Create a TeamAll competition submissions must be submitted by a “team.” Teams may consist of an individual or many individuals. Team creation requires a valid Team GitHub account (step 7).
  9. Return to GitHub to establish the SSH key (copied from My Team view).
  10. Download the available problem datasets. This applies only for Sandbox datasets and the Original Dataset (C1OD). The trial events and final datasets (i.e., C1TD1, C1TD2, C1FD) will not be available for download until the completion of those portions of the competition.
  11. Develop and test your algorithms/software (on your system) using the provided datasets.
  12. Commit (save/upload) your algorithms/optimization software to your GitHub repository.
  13. Submit your algorithm/software for evaluation and scoring using a selected dataset.

A Beta Phase tutorial based on the reference GAMS code that explains the purpose of each component, how to make it accessible on GitHub, how to make a submission, how to download the results, and how to interpret the contents of the zip file is available.

Please contact the GO Operations Team if you have any questions regarding the steps described above.