Challenge 2: Monarch of the Mountain


The Grid Optimization (GO) Competition Post Challenge 2 Event named Challenge 2: Monarch of the Mountain or Ch2-MoM, will focus on finding improved solutions to the security-constrained optimal power flow (SCOPF) problem introduced in Challenge 2.

Challenge 2 required competitors to solve SCOPF problems in a limited amount of time on a uniform High Performance Computing (HPC) system maintained and operated by the GO Administrator, Pacific Northwest National Laborabory. Because these problems are exceedingly difficult to solve and non-convex, there is no guarantee that the competitors have found proven-optimal solutions. The Ch2-MoM competition is meant to further the state of knowledge by eliminating the hardware, time, and alogorithm constraints to encourage competitors to simply find the best solutions possible for the 84 synthetic Challenge 2 Datasets.

The Submission mechanism used in previous Challenges will not be used here. The solution files generated by Entrant Teams using any platform will use the Solution Uploading process to send the tarred solution to a GO Competition server where the solution will be unpacked and evaluated. If the solution is better than the existing best solution, the MSgain and the team producing the solution will be posted on the Leaderboard.

See Challenge 2 for details concerning Problem Formulation, Data Sets, File Formats (Input and Output), and Solution Evaluation. The Challege 2 Benchmark code is available for reference.

Ch2-MoM specific information is available on Rules (includes Prize information), Scoring, Timeline, and Leaderboard.