Updated Formulation Document

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Dr. Olga Anna Kuchar
Updated Formulation Document

ARPA-E has updated the Challenge 1 Problem Formulation document regarding the evaluation of the feasibility of a solution!  Read the updates and download the new formulation document.

Summary:  The treatment of hard constraint violations in the evaluation procedure is modified, where hard constraints are those constraints that do not use penalty variables. A tolerance of 1e-4 p.u. will be used in determining whether these violations constitute infeasibility. Specifically, any violation of a hard constraint > 1e-4 p.u. will result in infeasibility, and any violation of a hard constraint <= 1e-4 (p.u.) will be ignored. This is equivalent to truncating the floating point representation of the violation to 4 digits after the decimal point. The solution procedure is modified to reflect this practice. This change is listed in the change log of the formulation document (online, in appendix G) and is made in the description of the evaluation procedure (online formulation doc, in appendix F.1) and in the evaluation code itself (https://github.com/GOCompetition/Evaluation).

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