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Yanchao Liu
GAMS submission issues


We chose GAMS as our primary language for the competition. In order to read the text file input data into the GDX format, we needed to use python to parse and dump the data into CSV files, and then use the csv2gdx utility (that comes with GAMS installation) to convert the CSV files to GDX format. These steps were embedded in our main GAMS program, e.g., MyGams1.gms. For example, the following GAMS statements were used in the main program:

$call =pip install pandas
$call =python %raw%
$call =python %rop%
$call =python %inl%
$call =python %con%

$call =csv2gdx BusData.csv id=BusData index=2 values=3..lastCol useHeader=y
$call =csv2gdx LoadData.csv id=LoadData index=2..3 values=4..lastCol useHeader=y


The main program is then executed by the following command:

gams MyGams1.gms --con=case.con --inl=case.inl --raw=case.raw --rop=case.rop --timelimit=600 --ScoringMethod=0 --NetworkModel=model_name >> submission1.log

The whole solution works on our own computers, both Windows and Linux. 

However, our submission constantly failed to generate solution1.txt in the Sandbox trial. And the error information was not very useful - we cannot figure out which step failed. 

We suspect that it was because some or all of the python and csv2gdx calls failed so that the GDX files were not generated, but we are not sure.

Can someone on the organizing team take a look into the issues? Our codes are at the registered github account. 

Thanks very much.

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Dr. Jesse Thoma...
Hi Yanchao,

Hi Yanchao,

Thanks for your question. You can't install new packages on our platform in your submitted code, so e.g. "pip install pandas" will not work. Once you have determined on your system what packages you need, let the administrators know, and we will try to install any that are missing.