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george haff

We are interested in using Cython in our submissions.  Cython is python-like code that generates C/C++ code that can then be called by python for big performance improvements.  This requires a 'build' of sorts -- the command 'python build_ext --inplace' would need to be run before '' is executed...  Is there support for this?

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Dr. Stephen Elbert

Submitting executables is the best way to achieve reliable and efficient results. Build your executable in either a Red Hat 6 or 7 compatible, i.e., Centos, environment. With a few tweaks this usually works after a couple tries. 

Dr. Arun Veeramany

Hi George,

You mention that Cython generates C++ code. Would you be able to make a C++ (CPP) submisison or an Executable submission? If submitting as an executable, we prefer that the main executable and all its dependencies are compatible with RedHat or CentOS distributions. If not, you can use a Singularity container to generate submission compatible products on your machine that runs other distributions (e.g. Ubuntu). We can provide you Singularity recipes to achieve that.