Download the official Timeline Document PDF for the GO Competition Challenge 2, dated November 2, 2020. This replaces the version dated July 13, 2020.

Trial Event 1: December-January 2020 (from the Timeline Document)

• Prior to December 2nd, 2020: Entrants wishing to participate in Trial Event 1 must submit their (Eligibility) registration and be approved for the GO Competition Challenge 2. This must be done by the Team Leader from their login page. We encourage you to submit your registration as early as possible.

• December 2nd, 2020 – December 4th, 2020: Submission window for Trial Event 1. Entrants participating in Trial Event 1 must submit their algorithmic approach to the GO Competition platform. Entrants may only submit one algorithmic approach to be scored in Trial Event 1.

• January 8th, 2021: Trial Event 1 results will be released and leaderboards will be updated to reflect Trial Event 1 performance. Trial Event 1 datasets will be released and may be used for further algorithm development as well as scoring in the GO Competition Challenge 2 sandbox.