Challenge 2 expanded upon the SCOPF problem posed in Challenge 1 by adding price-responsive demand, ramp rate constrained generators and loads, fast-start unit commitment, adjustable transformer tap ratios, phase shifting transformers, and switchable shunts.

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This new Event will focus on finding improved solutions to the security-constrained optimal power flow (SCOPF) problem introduced inthe Challenge 2. Teams will generate solutions on their own with no time limits. There will be no submission process like other Challenges. Solution Files will be uploaded to PNNL, which will require a username and password issued after team registration and approval.

This event officially kicks off on January 3, 2021. However, all teams are encouraged to download the Challenge 2 problem datasets now and begin developing new algorithms designed to find new, better solutions to these problems. This competition rewards the teams that find the better solutions first, so don’t wait and be left out!


All previous GO Competition teams may renew their registration for this event. Additionally, this event is also open to any new teams who wish to participate. Please refer to the GO Competition website for registration and renewal information. 

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TESTING ENVIRONMENT (closed until Challenge 3)

The sandbox is a testing environment that allows Entrants to try the submission, evaluation, and scoring process using datasets that may be small for quick turnaround or debugging as well as the actual Trial Event datasets from previous Trials for algorithm development.


Challenge 1 solved a security-constrained (AC) optimal power flow (SCOPF) problem. Algorithms were tested on complex, realistic power system models, and Entrants were scored on how well their algorithms perform relative to other Entrants’ algorithms.