2017 FERC Software Conference

2017 FERC Software Conference

Publish Date: 
Wednesday, June 28, 2017

June 28, 2017

Talks by people eventually involved (support or competitors) with the Competition at the 2017 FERC Technical Conference on Increasing Market and Planning Efficiency through Improved Software held at the FERC building in Washington, DC, June 26-28, 2017.

  • Error Bounds on Power Flow Linearizations: A Convex Relaxation Approach, presented by Dan Molzahn; Presentation
  • Linearized Reactive Power and Voltage Constraints for DC OPF, presented by Brent Eldridge (with Richard O'Neill); Presentation
  • Multi-Period Dual Pricing Algorithm for Cost Allocation in Non-Convex Electricity Markets, presented by Robin Broder Hytowitz (with Richard O'Neill and Brent Eldridge); Presentation

GRID DATA related talks

  • A Methodology for the Creation of Geographically Realistic, Synthetic Optimal Power Flow Models, presented by Tom Overby; Presentation
  • Multiport Element Models and Sparse Tableau Network Representation for Security Constrained Optimal Power Flow, presented by Chris DeMarco; Presentation
  • Grid Research for Good: High-Fidelity Power Systems Data Sets, Format, and Software Tools for Optimal Power Flow, presented by Pascal Van Hentenryck; Presentation
  • Smart-DS: Synthetic Models for Advanced, Realistic Testing- Distribution Systems and Scenarios, presented by Venkat Krishnan; Presentation
  • Sustainable Data Evolution Technology (SDET) for Power Grid Optimization, presented by Ruishing Diao; Presentation
  • The ARPA-E Generating Realistic Information for the Development of Distribution and Transmission Algorithms (GRID DATA) Repository, presented by Dariush Shirmohammadi; Presentation
  • DR POWER: a Data Repository for Power system Open models With Evolving Resources, presented by Stephen Elbert; Presentation