2016 FERC Software Conference

2016 FERC Software Conference

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June 28, 2016

The 2016 FERC Technical Conference on Increasing Market and Planning Efficiency through Improved Software was held at the FERC building in Washington, DC, June 27-29, 2016. The following talks by people eventually involved (support or competitors) with the Competition were given:

  • A Strong Semidefinite Programming Relaxation of the Unit Commitment Problem, presented by Javad Lavaei, presentation
  • Visualizing the Feasible Spaces of Challenging OPF Problems, presented by Daniel Molzahn
  • Power System State Estimation with a Limited Number of Measurements, presented by Javad Lavaei; presentation
  • Power-Capacity and Ramp-Capability Reserves for Wind Integration in Power-Based Unit Commitment, presented by Germán Morales-España with Ross Baldick
  • Generating Cuts from the Ramping Polytope for the Unit Commitment Problem, presented by James Ostrowski; presentation
  • Strengthened MILP Formulation for the Edge-based Combined-Cycle Unit Model, presented by Yongpei Guan; presentation
  • Dual Pricing Algorithm for Cost Allocation in Non-Convex Electricity Markets, presented by Robin Broder Hytowitz with Richard O’Neill and Brent Eldridge; presentation
  • Modelling and Solving Security Constrained Optimal Power Flow in Parallel, presented by Cosmin Petra; presentation
  • Modeling and Solving Battery Operation Problems, presented by Daniel Bienstock; presentation
  • Towards Continuous-time Optimization Models for Power Systems Operation, presented by Masood Parvania; presentation

In addition, the following Competition and GRID DATA related talks were presented:

  • Optimal Power Flow Competition Design Considerations, presented by Timothy Heidel with Feng Pan, Stephen Elbert, Chris DeMarco, and Hans Mittlemann; Presentation
  • Data Repository for Power System Open Models With Evolving Resources (DR POWER), presented by Stephen Elbert; Presentation